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That restructuring plan failed to satisfy Barington, or any of the other activist hedge funds, which tend to travel in packs and prey on the same quarry. A second, Starboard Value, which now has 5 percent of Darden s shares, put forward an even more aggressive plan that included monetizing existing restaurants by selling them off to franchisees. Starboard made explicit a threat that Barington had only implied: that if it doesn t get its way, it will mount a campaign to oust the company s directors and management..

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When he got back to California, Prakash began experimenting with all kinds of things that spin, including toys. Toys might seem like a strange place to start, but Prakash didn’t think so. Who doesn’t love toys? And, he explains, “Toys hide in them pretty profound physical phenomena that we just take for granted.”.

And the program, available for grades K 10 beginning Sept. 2, will be cheap. The first six years of materials, covering cheap nfl jerseys grades K 5, will be offered free, so parents have six years to try out the program without having to spend a dime, explains historian and economist Tom Woods in a blog on his website.

Canadian manufacturing industries are next, withdrawing just over 6000 MCM/year in 1996 (Environment Canada, 2002). In comparison, withdrawals in other sectors totalled 5100 MCM/year (municipal), 4000 MCM/year (agriculture), and 364 MCM/year (mining) in 1991 (Statistics Canada, 2000). This chapter deals with water quantity issues in Canada manufacturing and thermal power (principally nuclear and coal) sectors; mining, including the oil industry, and the hydroelectric sectors are covered in other chapters.